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Small Business

Hardship Support:

A range of support options, such as fee-waivers and grants, are available to assist businesses in adjusting to COVID-19 conditions, facilitated by various levels of Government and regional Chambers of Commerce.

Northern Beaches Council:


NSW & Federal Government:


Local Chambers’ of Commerce:


Northern Beaches ‘B2B Support Hub’

Northern Beaches Council are looking to establish a hub for local businesses to share resources and knowledge in collectively moving forward during COVID-19. Individuals and organisations are welcome to register their interest for sharing expertise. Refer to link for further information.



Scratching each other’s backs and keeping the opportunity within our community!

As we strive to adjust our ways of life to this ‘new normal’ whilst maintaining a sense of security for our children in a continuously changing environment, the importance of working together as a community is ever more apparent – we are stronger as one.The EHPS P&C is excited for the possibility to create a business hub that brings together the various stakeholders within our school community.

Watch this space!


Remember to ‘Support Local’!

For all those times when we have sought donations for fundraising, now is the opportunity for us to all ‘give back’ to the local businesses that have helped our school and sporting clubs in the past.

Here are some ‘zero cost’ ideas on how can support our local businesses to help them survive during these uncertain times:

1.    Write a positive review on Google

2.    Recommend them to family and friends/neighbours

3.    Follow them on Social media

4.    Give them a ‘like’ or make a comment on their posts to help boost their engagement levels

5.    Give them a ‘shoutout’ from your own platform/s

6.    Sign up for their newsletter

7.    Display their ‘bumper sticker’ on your car